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Edwin D Pichardo

 Founder/Senior Producer

 United States Marine Corp. Veteran, entrepreneur and business savvy individual whom is very well versed in production services on the set and in the office including consultations. He is mentored by Veteran Director, Cinematographer, Poet, Author, Musician, Melvin Van Peebles.  He currently holds 50% Ownership of Stakes in the Company. 

David J Brown

 Co-Founder / CEO  at Escape Media Productions, whilst COO at Peel & Stick Productions llc, with experience of being on set with King Arthur Legend of the Sword. he came into this industry with family in the music industry. 

Quite tenacious he never finds a job too big or a phone call to imposing.

coming with a high level of a consortium of very important individuals.

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We are Currently filling several key roles of our corporate structure actively recruiting new and experienced talent.

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